Vanilla / Classic WoW Herbalism Guide 1 – 300



Herbalism is one of three gathering professions available to players in Vanilla / Classic WoW. It involves picking flowers and herbs to be used as potion ingredients in Alchemy. As such, the natural profession pairing for Herbalism is Alchemy. However, due to the steady demand for consumables among endgame raiders, many players choose to take up Herbalism simply as a means of making gold. In this regard, Herbalism is by far the most lucrative gathering profession and, in fact, likely one of the most lucrative gold making methods around. In this guide, we will focus on how to level Herbalism from 1 – 300 in Vanilla / Classic WoW.

Skilling Up

1 – 50

Silverleaf and Peacebloom


Head to Mulgore and run in a circle around the base of Thunder Bluff. If you have a mount, you may consider running a longer circuit from Thunder Bluff down to Bloodhoof Village.

If you don’t want to make the trip to Mulgore, this portion can also be completed in Durotar or Tirisfal Glades.


Head to Elwynn Forest and run a full circuit around the zone.

If you don’t want to make the trip to Elwynn Forest, this portion can also be completed in Teldrassil or Dun Morogh.

50 – 70

Mageroyal and Earthroot


Head to the Barrens and run circuits around the area northwest of the Crossroads. Beginning in the Crossroads, head west to the entrance to Stonetalon Mountains, then north towards the harpies. From there, head east to the road and then back towards the Crossroads to begin the circuit again.


Head to Westfall and run circuits around the west side of the zone. Beginning in Sentinel Hill, head north to the entrance to Elwynn Forest and then follow the coast line south towards the Deadmines. Once you reach the Deadmines, head back to Sentinel Hill and repeat.

Learn Journeyman Herbalism

70 – 100



Head to the Barrens again. Run a similar circuit to before, this time running all the way east to the Sludge Fen and then south to Ratchet before beginning again. Don’t run right next to the river to Durotar – stay on the ledge to the west. You may want to consider incorporating the areas south of the Crossroads between the Stagnant Oasis and Wailing Caverns.


Head to Westfall again. Run a similar circuit to before, this time favoring the south of the zone and heading east to the river between Westfall and Darkshore before beginning again.

Alternately, run circuits from north to south in Darkshore, around Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains, or on the east side of Loch Modan.

100 – 115



Head to Ashenvale. Run a circuit between Splintertree Post, Mystral Lake to the west, and the entrance to the Barrens in the south.

Alternately, run circuits around the eastern portion of Stonetalon Mountains between the Grimtotem camps, Malaka’jin, and the entrance to the Barrens.

Another option is to run circuits in the southern Barrens between Camp Taurajo, the Field of Giants, and the two Razorfen camps to the south.


Head to Ashenvale. Run a circuit between Astranaar, the entrance to Darkshore to the north, and Mystral Lake to the southeast.

Alternately, run circuits on the east side of Loch Modan or the east side of Redridge Mountains.

115 – 125

Wild Steelbloom

From here, you are primarily gathering in contested territories, so we will no longer differentiate between Horde and Alliance. If you’re on a PvP server, pick gathering routes at your own discretion if you want to avoid combat.

Any of the following:

Head to Stonetalon Mountains. Run circuits around Stonetalon Peak in the north part of the zone.

Head to Arathi Highlands. Run circuits around the outside of the zone, sticking to the mountains.

Head to the Wetlands. Run circuits between Black Channel Marsh, Whelgar’s Excavation Site, and the Angerfang Encampment.

Head to Thousand Needles. Run circuits between the Great Lift and Highperch.

Head to the Barrens. Run circuits between the Field of Giants and the Bael’dun Excavation Site to the south.

Learn Expert Herbalism

125 – 160


From here, you will be primarily running full circuits of zones, so we will no longer specify routes. Keep an eye out for areas with a lot of herbs and figure out a route which works for you!


Run full circuits of Ashenvale, Hillsbrad Foothills, or the Wetlands.

Run circuits of the Charred Vale in Stonetalon Mountains.

160 – 185


Run full circuits of Swamp of Sorrows.

185 – 205

Khadgar’s Whisker


Run full circuits of the Hinterlands or Swamp of Sorrows.

Run circuits of the southern Arathi Highlands, between the Witherbark village and the ogre compound.

Learn Artisan Herbalism

205 – 230


Run full circuits of Searing Gorge, Blasted Lands, or Tanaris.

230 – 250



Run full circuits of Felwood or Feralas.

Run circuits around the Forlorn Ridge in Azshara.

250 – 270


Any of the following:

Run full circuits of Felwood or Blasted Lands.

Run circuits of Mannoroc Coven in Desolace.

Run circuits of Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale.

270 – 285



Run full circuits of Un’goro Crater.

Run circuits in Azshara between the Forlorn Ridge and the Ravencrest Monument, or between the Ruins of Eldareth and the Jagged Reaches.

285 – 300

Plaguebloom or Icecap


Run full circuits of Western and Eastern Plaguelands for Plaguebloom.

Run full circuits of Winterspring for Icecap.