Vanilla / Classic WoW Mining Guide 1 – 300



Mining is one of three gathering professions available to players in Vanilla / Classic WoW. It involves mining ore nodes which spawn around the world, often deep in caves or along the sides of mountains. The materials gathered by mining are most commonly used by Blacksmiths or Engineers, and as such, it is a natural pairing for either of these skills. However, as there is a relatively strong market for the materials themselves, some players choose to take up mining as a means of making gold, often in conjunction with Herbalism. In this guide, we will focus on how to level Mining from 1 – 300 in Vanilla / Classic WoW.

Skilling Up

1 – 65

Copper Ore

You will need to mine roughly 35 copper veins and smelt the ores to reach 65 Mining.


Mulgore. Run a full circuit around the outside of the zone, following the mountains. Be sure to go inside the Venture Co. mine in the east. Don’t bother going into the Tauren starting area.

Durotar. Run a circuit around the northern portion of the zone. Head east from Orgrimmar to Skull Rock and go inside. Then head south to the cliffs just below the zeppelin tower and follow them west across the road. Check out the canyon full of thunder lizards but be sure to mine the nodes on top before jumping in. Then, head north and run along the wall back to the entrance of Orgrimmar.

Tirisfal Glades. Run a full circuit around the zone, following the mountains where possible. Run along the road in the south to bypass Undercity as there are very few nodes on that wall.


Dun Morogh. Head west from Kharanos to the Wendigo cave and go inside. Continue west along the mountains to Frostmane hold, and then northeast to Shimmer Ridge. From there, head east along the mountains below Ironforge to Misty Pine Refuge and then back to Kharanos. Alternately, run circuits of Gol’Bolar Quarry in the southeast.

Elwynn Forest. Head northeast from Goldshire and run along the mountains. Go into Jasperlode Mine, then continue east to Stonecairn Lake. Once you reach the lake, head south along the river to the border of Duskwood, then west to the Fargodeep Mine. Go inside the mine and then back to Goldshire.

Darkshore. As Teldrassil does not have any ore nodes, night elves will need to mine here. Head east from Auberdine to the mountains along the east border of the zone and follow them all the way down. Then, head west to the coast and back up to Auberdine.

Learn Journeyman Mining

65 – 125

Tin, Silver, Incendicite

This is a rough period for skilling up, but there is a fast method for those who are willing to sacrifice gathering useful ore in order to level quickly. If you are also leveling Blacksmithing or Engineering, you may want to stick to the traditional routes, though for 100 – 125 I still recommend using the fast method as skill-ups from tin start to slow down significantly.

Using the traditional method, it’s hard to say exactly how much ore is required before you can reach 125 by smelting, but remember to smelt your silver ore last as it remains yellow all the way to 122.

The fast method:

Head to Thelgen Rock in the Wetlands. This is a cave full of Incendicite, a special ore type used only for an Alliance mining quest. Regardless of your faction or whether you have the quest, you can mine Incendicite nodes to skill up all the way to 125. These nodes respawn very quickly. As for the ores themselves, Alliance can bring 6 ores to Pilot Stonegear in Kharanos, Dun Morogh to complete a quest. Other than that, you will simply delete them.

Traditional methods:

The Wetlands. Run a full circuit along the borders of the zone, avoiding the Grim Batol area in the far east and the entire area west of Whelgar’s Excavation Site.

The Barrens. Run a circuit along the borders of the southern part of the zone, going as far south as the Great Lift and as far north than the Crossroads / the entrance to Stonetalon.

Thousand Needles. Run a full circuit along the borders of the zone, skipping Shimmering Flats. Make sure to go into Highperch and the cave at Screeching Canyon, both along the south wall.

Full circuits of Redridge Mountains, Ashenvale, or Hillsbrad Foothills.

Learn Expert Mining

125 – 175

Iron & Gold

You will need to mine roughly 100 iron veins and smelt the ores to reach 175 Mining.

Thousand Needles. Run the same circuit as before, this time also running along the borders in Shimmering Flats.

Desolace. Run circuits of the southern portion of the zone, making sure to run through the Valley of Spears, the Kodo Graveyard, Magram village, Shadowbreak Ravine, Mannoroc Coven, and Gelkis village.

Ashenvale. Run circuits of eastern portion of the zone, going no further west than the river by the Alliance Warsong Gulch entrance. Follow that river all the way north to Xavian / Satyrnaar, then follow the zone border around passing by Forest Song, Warsong Lumber Camp, and Demon Fall Canyon. Head west along the mountains and repeat. Be careful as this route passes by a number of Horde / Alliance encampments.

The Badlands. Run full circuits of the zone, skipping Lethlor Ravine in the far east, the area surrounding Uldaman in the north, and Kargath in the northwest. Make sure to check out the various rock elemental plateaus in the zone.

Arathi Highlands. Run full circuits of the zone, avoiding Stromgarde Keep in the southwest. Make sure to go into Drywhisker Gorge east of Hammerfall.

175 – 250

Mithril & Truesilver

You will need to mine roughly 125 mithril veins and smelt the ores to reach 250 Mining. Also note that you will need to learn Artisan Mining between 200 and 225 to progress.

Full circuits of the Blasted Lands or the Hinterlands.

Searing Gorge. Run a full circuit of the outside of the zone followed by a full circuit of The Cauldron, both inside and outside.

The Badlands. Do a circuit of Camp Cagg and the nearby elemental plateau in the southwest, then head east and do a circuit of Lethlor Ravine.

Tanaris. Run full circuits of the zone, making sure to go into the Noxious Lair and the Gaping Chasm. Consider linking this with Shimmering Flats below.

Shimmering Flats. Run circuits of the Rustmaul Dig Site in the southwest. This is only a small area but often densely populated with mithril, so consider linking this with the Tanaris route.

Winterspring. Run full circuits of the western portion of the zone, between Timbermaw Hold and Everlook.

Western Plaguelands. Run circuits of the Ruins of Andorhol.

Learn Artisan Mining

250 – 300


You will need to mine roughly 150 Thorium veins and smelt the ores to reach 300 Mining.

Un’goro Crater. Run full circuits around the outside of the zone, making sure to visit the Slithering Scar and Fire Plume Ridge. This is the quintessential Thorium zone, so you will likely have competition.

Winterspring. Run full circuits of the southern portion of the zone, making sure to visit the yeti cave southeast of Everlook, Owl Wing Thicket, Darkwhisper Gorge, and Mazthoril. Only go inside Darkwhisper Gorge and Mazthoril if you’re comfortable avoiding the elites.

Eastern Plaguelands. Run circuits of the eastern portion of the zone, passing by Tyr’s Hand, Light’s Hope Chapel, Northdale, Northpass Tower, Blackwood Lake, the Pestilent Scar, and Lake Mereldar. Don’t bother going into Tyr’s Hand.

Western Plaguelands. Run circuits of the eastern portion of the zone, passing by the Weeping Cave, Gahrron’s Withering, Dalson’s Tears, Felstone Field, Northridge Lumber Camp, and the path to Hearthglen. Don’t bother going inside Hearthglen.

Azshara. Run circuits of the southern peninsula as well as the Ruins of Eldarath.

Full circuits of Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes.